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Citrix intros XenApp 5 for Windows Server 2008

The new version of Citrix Systems' XenApp now supports Windows Server 2008. Additional upgrades include better performance, a new user interface and preferential load balancing to prioritize applications.

Santa Clara, Calif.-based Citrix Systems Inc. announced the next generation of its application virtualization software, XenApp 5, which includes more than 50 product enhancements.

Citrix XenApp 5, previously Citrix Presentation Server, is part of Citrix Delivery Center, which offers client- and server-side application virtualization for Windows operating systems.

The new release of XenApp is designed for a smooth transition to Microsoft's Windows Server 2008 [but also supports Windows Server 2003] and includes improvements to performance, a better end-user interface and offers a better overall end-user experience, according to Citrix.

XenApp for Windows
XenApp's previous versions -- that is, Citrix Presentation Server -- do not support Windows Server 2008, so for users with the latest version of Windows, an upgrade to XenApp 5 is necessary, said Bill Hartwick, the senior director of product marking for Citrix's application virtualization group.

The new version of XenApp includes Preferential Load Balancing, which prioritizes XenApp sessions for key users and applications. Hartwick gave the example of a hospital; if a doctor in the operating room needs access to the Picture archiving and communication system (PACS), the application will be prioritized over other less critical XenApp sessions.

XenApp's Application Performance Monitoring, powered by Citrix EdgeSight, alerts administrators when any problems are about to occur. The capability can also be used to test application performance before users come online or as a "heartbeat" check throughout the day, Hartwick said.

XenApp 5 offers faster application startup for local virtual applications and a more user-friendly interface, Hartwick said.

XenApp 5 will be available Sept. 10, 2008: The Advanced Edition is available for U.S. $350, the Enterprise Edition for U.S. $450 and the Platinum Edition for U.S. $600.

Customers who currently hold Subscription Advantage can upgrade at no additional charge. Standalone pricing for client-side application streaming and virtualization begins at $60 per CCU.

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