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Reflex Systems adds performance monitoring to Virtualization Management Center

Virtualization management provider Reflex Systems now offers performance monitoring of VMware environments.

Reflex Systems Inc.'s recent addition of virtual performance monitoring to its Reflex Virtualization Management Center (VMC) suite promises to give administrators access to real-time and historical performance data across both virtualized server and network layers.

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Specifically, VMC now collects performance data for virtual hosts, guests (i.e., virtual machines), and clusters, as well as network elements like switches and VLANs, said Hezi Moore, Reflex Systems' CTO.

The new capabilities enable IT administrators to optimize resource use and perform capacity planning, he said.

Overall, Reflex VMC differs from other virtualization management tools in that it is deployed as a virtual appliance and because it does not deploy agents on individual servers, said Moore. It was also designed exclusively for VMware virtual environments, complete with a virtualization-specific event database accessed by Reflex's own Virtual Query Language, or VQL.

"We don't want to build something that's already been built," said Moore, like IBM Tivoli or HP OpenView. Further, traditional systems management tools weren't designed to respond to change quickly. "In virtual environments, change happens very rapidly," he noted. [Traditional tools] were not designed for several thousands of changes per hour," as is commonplace for Reflex's users.

Reflex VMC also performs functions including discovery and mapping, infrastructure tracking and monitoring (revision control), application and service discovery, network segmentation (firewall), and packet inspection (IPS and IDS).

A free trial download of Reflex VMC is available from Reflex Systems' website.

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