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VMware profits strong (for now): News in brief

VMware managed to stay out of harm's way in the fourth quarter of 2008, but it expects a 10% drop in revenue this quarter.

VMware profits strong (for now)
VMware Inc. beat Wall Street expectations and reported Q408 revenues of $515 million, up from 25% from Q407. For the year, the company earned $1.9 billion, an increase of 42% from 2007. But because of uncertain economic conditions, the company said it will take in only $475 million this quarter, almost a 10% drop over Q408. In particular, it expects a drop in enterprise licenses and service revenue. VMware still plansa major product rollout though, especially for its Virtual Data Center Operating System (VDC-OS). "We and our partners are preparing a banquet for customers in VDC-OS," said CEO Paul Maritz.

Enterprises say yay to virtualization, nay to cloud computing
According to a recent story, large enterprise shops are big users of virtualization, but saying no to cloud computing. At least, that's what the SHARE user group found when it surveyed its members, mainly mainframe users. Seven in 10 respondents reported using some sort of server virtualization, whereas 85% of large enterprises said they did not plan to make use of cloud computing.

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