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Still no 1000V in Cisco's new Nexus lineup: News in brief

Cisco Systems has released everything but the Nexus 1000V, its distributed virtual switch for VMware environments; and VMware has released version 1.5 of its VI Toolkit, replete with 32 new cmdlets.

Still no Nexus 1000V in Cisco's new switch line
Cisco Systems has added two new switches -- the Nexus 5010 and the Nexus 7018 – to its lineup as well as the top-of-rack Nexus 2000, according to a recent story on But the long-awaited Nexus 1000V is still among the missing, as it requires functionality that will ship as part of the next version of VMware's ESX. VMware administrators eagerly await Cisco's software-based distributed virtual switch, which will allow them to create a single virtual switch for an entire VMware environment rather than having to configure a virtual switch on each ESX host. Cisco watchers have speculated that VMware will officially launch the ESX 4 next month, at VMworld Europe 2009.

VMware developers rejoice! VI Toolkit 1.5 released
VMware has released Virtual Infrastructure Toolkit 1.5, complete with 32 additional "cmdlets" and "a ton of bug fixes," according to the VI Toolkit blog . The VI Toolkit provides VMware developers and administrators a Microsoft Powershell interface with which they can administer VMware environments from the command line. Find new features of the release on the VMware site.

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