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Vizioncore donates PowerShell GUI to virtualization community: News in brief

Vizioncore's new VESI freeware tool uses PowerShell to script VMware; Citrix partners with VMLogix, Virtual Instruments analyzes virtualized I/O, and Veeam is VMware Ready Optimized.

Vizioncore donates PowerShell GUI to virtualization community
Vizioncore is inviting virtualization developers and administrators to participate in its Virtualization EcoShell Initiative (VESI). The project enables them to automate virtualization environments with a graphical scripting engine based on Quest Software's PowerGUI scripting environment. With the new Virtualization EcoShell IDE, administrators can use PowerShell cmdlets from VMware and Microsoft, document VMware environments, track and report problems in an environment, and create custom reports based on VMware environment or virtualized workloads. In March, VESI will be available in March.

Citrix XenServer unveils Essentials OEM partner
Citrix has OEM'ed the functional equivalent of VMware vCenter Stage Manager and Lab Manager from VMLogix. The latter's "hypervisor agnostic" test lab management suites work with VMware, XenServer and soon Microsoft Hyper-V. "This helps [Citrix] close the gaps vis-à-vis VMware, which has some pretty sophisticated management capabilities" said VMLogix CEO Sameer Dholokia. VMLogix's test lab and lifecycle management technologies appear as part of Citrix's new Essentials for XenServer and Hyper-V products.

Virtual Instruments peers into VMware I/O stack
Virtual Instruments' new virtualization-enhanced version of its NetWisdom SAN I/O analysis tool now collects data from VMware vCenter, in addition to Simple Network Management Protocol and an optical splitter placed directly on the Fibre Channel link. With the data, the VirtualWisdom tool can help VMware administrators gain visibility into the I/O performance of virtual environments and achieve higher consolidation ratios, the company said. VirtualWisdom will ship in the second quarter.

Veeam plug-ins achieve VMware Ready Optimized status
Two of Veeam Software's systems management products achieved VMware Ready Optimized status: its Veeam/nworks Management Pack for VMware for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager, and the Veeam/nworks Smart Plug-in for VMware for HP Software Operations Manager. More information about the plug-ins can be found on the Veeam site.

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