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SAP chooses Citrix XenServer over VMware: News in brief

In today's news in brief, SAP uses Citrix XenServer instead of VMware, ScaleMP's new vSMP Foundation supports Intel Nehalem processors, and EMC Smarts is now VMware-aware.

SAP virtualizes on XenServer
SAP is virtualizing some 500 of its servers in the U.S., Asia and Germany not with VMware or Microsoft's Hyper-V, but Citrix XenServer.

SAP AG, a VMware partner, uses Citrix XenApp to deliver more than 40 applications, including Microsoft Office and the SAP Business Suite software, to its users and employees. SAP also plans to combine XenApp with XenServer for streaming standardized workload images and easier management. By pairing the two technologies, SAP expects to save 35% in terminal server costs, according to Citrix.

EMC Smarts integrated with VMware vCenter
With north of 90% of EMC Smarts customers using VMware, EMC has released a virtualization-aware version of its Smarts Server Manager. By integrating with the VMware vCenter application programming interfaces, Smarts can now detect the relationship of a virtual machine (VM) to the underlying physical host. That data is then imported into Smarts' object model and used to perform root cause analysis of data center failures. The new Smarts Server Manager also now supports Microsoft and Veritas clustered environments.

ScaleMP upgrades software for Intel Nehalem CPUs, adds features
ScaleMP released version 2.0 of its vSMP Foundation software with support for the future Intel Nehalem processor family, better performance and management features.

The new version also improves high availability as well as the ability to partition a single virtual system to multiple isolated environments. Additional features include extended remote management and profiling capabilities to improve application performance and support for Emulex LightPulse Fibre Channel host bus adapters.

ScaleMP's vSMP Foundation is software that creates a symmetrical multiprocessor system using virtualization to pool standard x86 servers. The resulting system is used for high-performance computing and is simpler to manage than a cluster because it shares a single operating system, according to ScaleMP.

Using vSMP Foundation 2.0, IT can upgrade to Nehalem processors when they become available and create a shared-memory system with 128 cores and 4 TB of RAM.

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