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Free tool documents VMware virtual machines: News in brief

In today's news in brief, VKernel's SnapshotMyVM tool automatically documents VMware VMs, DMTF finalizes OVF, and VMware publishes a cost-per-app calculator.

Free tool documents virtual machines
VMware administrators that need needing to document their virtual machines (VMs) can now use have a free new tool at their disposal from VKernel. Called SnapshotMyVM, the standalone Windows application automatically collects information about VMware VMs such as name, guest operating system, host hardware type, VM resource configurations (CPU, memory, storage and network), and up to one week's worth of resource utilization statistics. . The sStatistics are stored in an XML file. SnapshotMyVM is available as a free download from VKkernel's site.

DMTF finalizes OVF 1.0 standard
The Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) finalized version 1.0 of the Open Virtualization Format (OVF) standard, a format for packaging and distributing one or more virtual appliances and applications that the DMTF claims is open, secure, portable, and extensible. Virtualization vendors that have pledged to include OVF support in their products include VMware Inc., Citrix Systems Inc. and Microsoft.

VMware calculator figures cost per application
Touting the server consolidation ratios that can be achievedachievable with VMware ESX, the company has posted an online calculator that allowsenables you users to know how much it will cost you to virtualize your their applications. VMware cited claims by the Taneja Group that in some instances cases it virtualized twice as many applications per server at the same or better performance as other hypervisors, amortizing the cost of a VMware license. Click here for VMware's cost-per-application calculator.

NetXen 10 Gigabit Ethernet adapters certified for VMware
The NetXen NX3 Series network interface card (NIC) is now VMware Ready Certified and listed on VMware's Hhardware Ccompatibility Gguide. Specifically, the NX3 series network interface cards NICs include the dual port NX3-20GCU with direct attach (twinaxial) copper interface and the NX3-20GXR with pluggable SFP+ optical interface, and the quad-port NX3-4GBT featuring a 1000BASE-T interface. All three models are currently shipping.

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