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Now showing, VMware vCenter Mobile Access (news in brief)

In today's news in brief, Verizon Business launches new virtualization services, VMware released vCenter Mobile Access, and Andrew Kutz unveils new GuessMyOS VI Client plugin.

VMware vCenter Mobile Access technology preview goes live
The technology preview of VMware's new vCenter Mobile Access (VCMA) is now available for download. Built as a Web-based application optimized for mobile devices, the VI client promises to allow VMware administrators to perform routine VMware management tasks as well as invoke disaster recovery plans using Site Recovery Manager (SRM). The preview can be downloaded from the vCenter Mobile Access community site.

Plugin shows VMs' OS at a glance
Hyper-9's Andrew Kutz strikes again, this time with a new plug for the VMware VI Client that replaces the generic virtual machine icons in its inventory tree with icons that are Windows- or Linux-specific. On the Hyper9 blog Kutz also said he is developing a tool to enable developers to create their own VMware Infrastructure (VI3) and vSphere plugins. Meanwhile, Kutz' new GuessMyOS plugin can be downloaded here.

Verizon enters virtualization consulting and hosting business
Verizon Business has new virtualization consulting and management services, including data center assessment, server consolidation design, auditing and management. An initial server consolidation assessment takes about four weeks and relies on VMware's Capacity Planner tool. Pricing starts at $22,000. In addition to these services, Verizon Business also plans to host and manage virtual environments from its 200-plus data centers worldwide.

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