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VMware 'guarantees' 50% hardware savings: News in brief

In today's news in brief, VMware Professional Services won't charge for its services until it saves customers 50% on server hardware.

VMware promises 50% hardware savings with virtualization
IT shops thinking about a large-scale server consolidation project using virtualization have more ammunition they can use with those that hold the purse-strings. Companies that embark on a server consolidation project with VMware Professional Services will not have to pay for the design and implementation services until they have saved at least 50% on server hardware, representing a consolidation ratio of at least 2:1. To qualify for the program, the consolidation project must be for a minimum of 200 servers, and less than 1,000.

Based on data collected using its Capacity Planner tool, VMware is "confident" it can provide a savings of at least 50%. "Fifty percent is a very conservative number," said Bogomil Balkansky, VMware vice president of product marketing, server business unit.

The company has also partnered with a third party, Canvas Systems, to buy decommissioned servers. This will help companies recoup cash and remove the partially depreciated server assets off their books.

Double-Take does P2V, V2V migrations
Known for its replication software, Double-Take Software has added the new product Move to its arsenal that performs system migrations between combinations of physical and virtual systems (P2P, P2V, V2P or V2V migrations). Based on the company's replication engine, Move performs migrations online and in real time while users access data. Move migrates systems between both VMware and Hyper-V environments for a starting price of $495 per migration.

Double-Take Move is part of the company's new Workload Optimization suite, which also includes Double-Take Flex, software to enable boot from iSCSI SAN, as well as continuous data protection software Double-Take Backup and Double-Take Availability, for real-time replication and failover.

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