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Distributed Management Task Force tackles cloud standards

VMware, Citrix and Microsoft and others have joined forces to develop cloud computing standards to submit to the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF).

DMTF group plans to cloud-enable OVF
The Open Cloud Standards Incubator, a new group formed under the auspices of the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF), plans to extend existing standards like OVF for the cloud.

The 12 members of the group, which include VMware Inc., Citrix Systems Inc., Microsoft and Red Hat Inc., have a mandate to enhance the Open Virtualization Format (OVF) for cloud computing, to deliver cloud computing management application programming interfaces (APIs) and to address cloud security.

Specifically, the group hopes to add extensions to the existing OVF standard that would define the necessary security and quality-of-service characteristics of an OVF package running in the cloud. A common cloud management API would enable users to query cloud providers for information about availability, performance and usage. Finally, the group will tackle security in federated cloud environments.

Winston Bumpus, the president of DMTF, said that organizing the group as an "incubator" should help speed the process of developing these standards, which might otherwise be waylaid by nondisclosure agreements between members. "Incubators allow people to work together quickly and create drafts as input to the standards organization," Bumpus said. "My hope is that within 12 months, all these deliverables will be completed," he said.

Surgient gives VMware vCenter the nod
The popular virtual test lab and development platform Surgient Virtual Automation Platform (VAP) version 6.1 is now certified to run alongside VMware vCenter. Previously, VAP customers could manage the platform only with Surgient's tools. The new version also improves support for license management, which has been integrated into the Surgient reservation system, and a new "partial host pooling" feature enables administrators to divide up large servers and dedicate them to different pools. Previously, a single host could reside only in a single pool.

On Arpil 30, Surgient Virtual Automation Platform 6.1 will be generally available and can be deployed on-site or in Surgient's data center. Pricing starts at $25,000.

Script checks on vSphere environment health

VMware Communities member and vExpert William Lam posted version 1.0 of his VMware Health Check Report, a Perl script that checks on the availability and status of vSphere and vCenter 4 environments. The script now reports on items such as Cluster VM and Hosts; CPU power management, a host's IPv6, Fault Tolerance and SSL Thumbprint, and Host Profiles, to name a few. The VMware Communities site features additional information on the script.

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