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VMware discloses App on Demand partner: News in brief

In today's news in brief, IT Structures is the force behind the new App on Demand feature in VMware's Virtual Appliance Marketplace.

VMware taps IT Structures for Virtual Appliance Marketplace App on Demand
VMware will use the proof of sale functionality delivered by IT Structures' Virtual Sales Engagement Service to enhance its Virtual Appliance Marketplace (VAM) with new App on Demand functionality, the two companies said on Tuesday.

The Israeli IT Structures provides an online service for software vendors to provide demos, proof of concepts and evaluations in its cloud. Going forward, customers browsing the VMware VAM can launch a demo of its virtual appliance, which IT Structures will automatically spawn in its own cloud. So now, customers do not have to use their own IT resources and can avoid a time-consuming setup. Once the proof of concept concludes and a customer is ready to purchase a virtual appliance, IT Structures will move it to the customer's data center.

Jeff Williams, a sales executive at a major U.S. IT provider, said his firm selected IT Structures to reduce the cost of delivering evaluations. With it, the company no longer needs to ship out hardware appliances or send out systems engineers to the customer site. Williams estimated that demos done on the IT Structures cloud cost his company about 75% less to deliver, and also reduces the sales cycle by "at least 50%."

IBM adds memory sharing to PowerVM
IBM added memory sharing capabilities to its PowerVM virtualization software as part of an update to its Dynamic Infrastructure products and services, the company said on Tuesday.

The new IBM PowerVM Active Memory Sharing capability increases utilization of memory resources by pooling memory and enabling virtual machines to share that memory according to workload needs. This is important in virtual environments, where memory resources are often constrained.

Though IBM claims that this technology is an "industry-first virtualization software capability," VMware Inc. has long offered a similar technology called memory overcommit.

VKernel Capacity Analyzer version 4.0 ships
VKernel Corp. has shipped its new virtual machine Capacity Analyzer (version 4.0) with new features such as capacity root-cause analysis and problem resolution recommendations for VMware ESX virtualization environments.

Capacity Analyzer's new root-cause drill-down analysis and problem resolution recommendation features speed and simplify the process of identifying the cause of a bottleneck issues, according to VKernel. Users can also set thresholds and alerts warning them of potential problems occurring now or in advance. Then, from the Capacity Analyzer interface, users can investigate the root cause of CPU, memory, and storage problems.

VKernel Capacity Analyzer 4.0 pricing starts at $199 per CPU socket, and a fully functional 14-day free Capacity Analyzer trial is also available at

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