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VSphere 4 arrives just ahead of schedule

VMware shipped vSphere 4, eTelemetry VID locates virtual desktops, and UltraBac creates VMDKs for disaster recovery.

VMware vSphere 4 goes live
The successor to VMware Infrastructure 3 (VI3), vSphere, is available as of today for purchase and download. VMware officially announced vSphere 4 last month. Existing VI3 customers can learn more about the upgrade process at VMware's Upgrade Center; customers interested in more information can visit VMware's Evaluation Center to view demos and read evaluation guides. A collection of vSphere 4-related content generated by TechTarget can be found here.

Map virtual desktops to hardware, users
The network business intelligence technology provider eTelemetry is adding a feature to its Locate 4.2 network discovery tool that maps a virtual machine to the user, location, and the IP and MAC addresses where it is used. The Virtual Infrastructure Discovery (VID) feature addresses the problem brought about by client virtualization products such as VMware Fusion and Parallels/ SWsoft, in which a single user can run multiple OSes on a single desktop device. eTelemetry's Locate derives its knowledge of MAC addresses used by virtualization manufacturers to display the physical location of virtual machines in an environment, making them easy to track down for troubleshooting and security purposes.

Store backups as VMDKs
The latest release of UltraBac Software's UltraBac and UBDR backup and disaster recovery products can create VMware ESX or GSX Virtual Machine Disk, or VMDK, files at the same time as a regular Windows image backup. Available in UBDR 5.0 Gold, this feature eliminates the need for a physical-to-virtual conversion during disaster recovery. In addition, UltraBac 9.0 also gets a new management console and a VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB) agent that uses VMware's snapshot technology to ensure a clean backup of a virtual machine.

UBDR Gold Version 5.0 and UltraBac Version 9.0 are available now. UBDR Gold Server Edition costs $995, while UltraBac Server Edition starts at $495. The new VCB agent is $495 per socket.

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