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Wind River launches its own hypervisor: News in brief

In today's news in brief, Wind River launched its own hypervisor as part of its multicore software technology for device development, and VMware signs a new OEM agreement with HP.

Wind River launches its own hypervisor
Wind River launched its own hypervisor today as part of the company's multicore software technology for device development.

The Wind River Hypervisor supports virtualization on single and multicore processors based on Intel and PowerPC architectures and integrates with the Device Software Optimization company's own operating systems (VxWorks and Wind River Linux), along with other OSes. The Wind River Workbench development tools suite also runs on the Wind River Hypervisor.

Earlier this year, Wind River introduced VxWorks 6.7, which lets systems integrators choose the best multicore configuration, AMP or SMP, for their devices. Wind River Hypervisor lets systems designers use a supervised AMP configuration that makes an AMP system in a virtual infrastructure easier to configure.

Wind River also announced VxWorks MILS Platform 2.0, which supports the Wind River Hypervisor for virtualization.

VMware tightens OEM ties with HP
VMware signed a new OEM agreement with HP this week to integrate HP Discovery and Dependency Mapping software into the VMware vCenter suite. In addition, Hewlett-Packard Co. integrated VMware ThinApp for application virtualization with the HP Client Automation policy-based management platform.

VMware Inc. will OEM the HP Discovery and Dependency Mapping software into the VMware vCenter management suite and will integrate the software as a virtual appliance into VMware vCenter ConfigControl when it is available in 2010. By combining the mapping software with VMware vCenter, administrators will have a single pane of glass in which to monitor and manage virtual machines within their physical and virtual infrastructure.

And by integrating HP's Client Automation policy-based management platform with ThinApp, users can consolidate onto one client management software product to publish, deploy, track and report on virtual and physical applications.

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