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Forget VMware support; Oracle VM gets an update

With Oracle VM 2.1.5, Oracle appears to stand firm in its commitment not to support its applications under VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer virtualization.

What a lot of Oracle customers want from the company is support for Oracle products running under VMware, Citrix XenServer or Microsoft Hyper-V. But last week, what they got instead was an update to Oracle VM, a Xen variant and the one sanctioned x86 hypervisor.

The Oracle VM 2.1.5 update is the first release since version 2.1.2 in September 2008. According to Oracle's Virtualization Blog, highlights of the release are a new Web Service application programming interface for Oracle VM Manager, which will enable administrators to more easily perform tasks such as creating a server pool, adding servers, or creating virtual machines.

Blogger Roddy Rodstein, who is listed on LinkedIn as an Oracle principal sales consultant, noted that the Oracle VM 2.1.5 command-line interface (CLI) is not included in the release, although it hopefully will be delivered soon. Oracle VM 2.1.5 does include bug fixes, security updates and enhanced hardware drivers.

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Oracle under the microscope
Lately, the virtualization community has scrutinized Oracle and its attempts to rationalize the virtualization assets it acquired from Sun Microsystems Inc. and Virtual Iron Software Inc., both of which it bought this spring.

Last month, to some Sun customers' dismay, Oracle effectively killed the Sun xVM hypervisor. Then, last week, the Register reported that Oracle will also discontinue further sales of Virtual Iron. At the same time, the company briefly appeared to relax its policy on third-party hypervisor support, only to slam the door shut once again.

Many Oracle accounts remain entrenched with VMware despite Oracle's reluctance to support its software running with third-party virtualization.

Oracle VM 2.1.5 is available for download from the Oracle E-delivery website.

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