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VMware takes first stab at capacity planning: News in brief

VMware has released the long-awaited CapacityIQ --but only for ESX 3.x virtualization environments; IBM and Fortisphere have launched new virtual management tools.

VMware delivers capacity planning for ESX 3.x
VMware's vCenter CapacityIQ 1.0 is now available, making good on the company's promise to deliver the product during this calendar year. With CapacityIQ, administrators can view graphs that report on past, present and future capacity, helping administrators to reclaim wasted resources, resize virtual machines (VMs), and optimally position VMs within a cluster, the company said.

But there's a catch: CapacityIQ 1.0 is available only for VMware ESX 3.x and vCenter 2.5 environments and not the latest vSphere 4, which has been available since May.

Andi Mann, a senior analyst at the research firm Enterprise Management Associates, said via email that a 3.x-only offering is not ideal, but it's not surprising either." As a version 1.0 release, "it has been in [development] for a long time," hesaid. "Given that long dev cycle, developing for the then-current, stable, and widely deployed ESX 3.x version is pretty understandable. Trying to develop for vSphere 4 [before it was released] would have been difficult and risk breakage from late changes."

Support for the vSphere 4 platform will be delivered by the end of the year, a spokesperson said. CapacityIQ starts at $995 per managed processor, plus support and subscription.

IBM to manage heterogeneous virtualization platforms with VMControl
IBM unveiled VMControl, a management console which. when coupled with its Tivoli systems management,, provides a single point of control for Unix, Linux, mainframe, x86 servers, storage systems and networks. The IBM Systems Director VMControl Enterprise Edition supports IBM's PowerVM and z/VM as well as x86 virtualization technologies such as VMware, Hyper-V and open source x86 virtualization solutions. The product will be available on IBM Power Systems running AIX in December 2009, with support for other platforms planned for 2010. IBM also announced a new version of Tivoli Provisioning Manager that automates the provisioning and configuration of servers, operating systems, middleware, software applications, storage and network devices.

Fortisphere offers virtual workload management
Fortisphere's new Virtual Service Manager (VSM), a workload and resource management tool, is now available. VSM allows IT managers to manage their environment according to business priorities. Administrators can identify configuration errors, set alerts on resource levels, inventory and categorize virtual machines, and perform capacity planning. Delivered as a virtual appliance, a fully functional 14-day trial of the software is available from Fortisphere's website.

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