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Xen to get fault tolerance: News in brief

A new open source project strives to bring VMware-like fault tolerance to Xen hypervisor environments, and other news in brief.

Xen developer previews 'Remus' fault tolerance
The University of British Columbia's Department of Computer Science Distributed Systems Group released version 0.9 of the open source Remus project, which provides fault tolerance for virtual machines (VMs) running on the Xen hypervisor. This release works with tip of the xen-unstable repository, and supports paravirtualization and hardware VMs in various 32- and 64-bit configurations, with both Linux and Windows guests. More information about the Remus project can be obtained on the University of British Columbia's website.

VKernel giving away capacity planning tool
Until the end of the year,VKernel is giving away VKernel Capacity Modeler software licenses for unlimited CPU sockets, which competes with VMware's newly released vCenter CapacityIQ. With VKernel Capacity Modeler, VMware users can plan, simulate, and validate VM deployment and resource allocation scenarios, including capacity planning, "what if" modeling scenarios, proactive problem prevention and predictive capacity impact analysis.

VKernel Capacity Modeler currently supports VMware ESX 3.x and 4.x, with support for Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer is planned. The free tool can be obtained from the VKernel website.

Create a virtual SAN for Hyper-V
DataCore released a version of its Virtual SAN Appliance (VSA) this week for Microsoft Hyper-V environments. The product allows customers to access Hyper-V features such as live migration, dynamic load balancing and high availability without having to purchase an external storage area network (SAN) storage.

Using locally attached internal disk drives, the DataCore VSA creates a virtual iSCSI SAN that can pool up to 1 TB of capacity. VSA includes the ability to "thin provision" VM storage to save capacity, create snapshots for instant volume cloning and speed up application performance by leveraging surplus server memory.

DataCore VSA comes as a virtual appliance in Microsoft-standard Virtual Hard Disk format, and can be downloaded from the DataCore website for a free 30-day trial.

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