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Top 5 server virtualization news stories for November 2009

Cisco Systems, EMC and VMware made headlines by forming the Virtual Computing Environment coalition. Find out what else made the list of top server virtualization news.

November wasn't a slow month in the world of server virtualization. Our readers flocked to stories about the Virtual Computing Environment coalition backed by Cisco Systems, EMC and VMware, and about the continuing dominance of VMware ESX as a back-end platform for desktop virtualization deployments.

VMware's first updates for vSphere and vCenter Server also caught our audience's attention, as did the possibility of a VMware-developed Linux JeOS. Without further ado, here are the five most-read server virtualization news stories for November 2009:

1: Cisco-VMware-EMC coalition leaves IT users cold
IT pros aren't exactly rushing to embrace the integrated hardware and software bundles being pushed hard by Cisco Systems, EMC and VMware. The three companies have formed the Virtual Computing Environment coalition to stress the value of bundling servers and networking hardware together with virtualization and storage software. But so far, IT pros aren't sold on the value of these preconfigured packages called Vblock configurations.

2: VMware ESX maintains edge over Citrix for VDI
The VMware View 4 and Citrix Systems XenDesktop connection brokers are fighting it out to control the virtual desktop. But underneath it all, VMware's ESX hypervisor still dominates as the desktop virtualization back-end platform of choice -- even in XenDesktop accounts. Hear what industry observers and systems administrators have to say about the VMware vs. Citrix desktop virtualization battle.

3: VMware releases first vSphere update
VMware updated both vSphere 4 and vCenter Server this month, adding support for Windows 7 as a guest operating system and host for the vSphere client. These were the first updates for both vSphere 4 and vCenter Server, and they addressed some of the major omissions in the products' original releases. Find out more about VMware vSphere 4.0 Update 1.

4: Is a Linux JeOS on VMware's roadmap?
VMware says its' not building its own full-fledged Linux operating system. But there are hints that VMware might just develop a streamlined Just enough Operating System (JeOS) version of Linux. Some experts think a VMware Linux JeOS could be for use in virtual appliances or to bolster VMware's recently acquired Spring development framework.

5: VMware logo extended to software
VMware expanded its VMware Ready logo program to third-party software applications and middleware. The logo assures IT pros that new software has been tested and will play nice in VMware environments. It was previously only available for hardware and operating systems.

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