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New VKernel tool manages VMware capacity for free: News in brief

VKernel offers a free capacity management tool for VMware virtual environments; and other news in brief.

VKernel offers free tool for VMware capacity management
VKernel now offers a free tool that promises to analyze VMware virtual infrastructure capacity. Capacity View plugs into VMware ESX and vCenter or VKernel's own VM Stats and Optimization Pack, and identifies capacity-based performance issues, such as virtual machine I/O latency or underallocated CPU, memory or storage, the company said. It also monitors available capacity for new VM deployments and identifies overprovisioned VMs that can be right-sized to free wasted capacity.

Capacity View compiles stats on the number of VMs, hosts, data stores, clusters and resource pools; total available physical resources (CPU, memory and storage); and total allocated virtual resources. Capacity View can be downloaded from the VKernel website with no registration required.

Discover virtual assets from the cloud
Shavlik Technologies LLC unveiled a Software as a Service-based IT management service tool for small and medium-sized businesses that performs asset discovery of physical and virtual resources from the cloud. From the site, IT managers can perform asset inventory of physical and virtual machines, including VMware hypervisors, assess missing patches, and receive reports on Windows 7 readiness. Shavlik claims the service provides the same level of functionality as its on-premise solution, with no agent installation required. Interested users can sign up for a beta on the web site.

Manage Xen and KVM with ConVirt 2.0
Organizations exploring Xen and Kernel-based Virtual Machine virtualization have a new management platform at their disposal: ConVirt 2.0 Open Source.

Developed by Convirture, ConVirt 2.0 provides capabilities such as monitoring, configuration management, template-based provisioning and live migration. It is licensed under the General Public License and is free to download and use.

A planned enterprise version of ConVirt will build on the open source features with high availability, backup and restore, dynamic resource allocation, and role-based access control. Convirture's website features more information on ConVirt 2.0 Enterprise.

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