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VMware Workstation, Fusion betas go live: News in brief

The latest VMware Workstation and Fusion betas feature improved graphics performance and virtual machines with up to 2 TB virtual disks.

VMware Workstation 7.1, Fusion 3.1 betas available
Beta versions of VMware host-based virtualization offerings are now available for download, including the developer-focused Workstation 7.1, the Fusion 3.1, for Apple hardware.

Notable features of Workstation 7.1 include OpenGL 2.1 support for Windows 7 and Vista guests; improved graphics performance, thanks to a VMware Windows Display Driver Model driver architecture; eight-way virtual symmetric multiprocessing support and virtual disks up to 2 TB in size; support for Fedora 12 as a guest operating system; and support for Open Virtualization Format 1.0, a Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) standard for creating virtual appliances to and from a server virtualization server or the cloud. The Workstation 7.1 beta is available for download on the VMware Communities website.

The Fusion 3.1 beta also boasts OpenGL 2.1 and support for larger guests. Fusion promises improved USB support, PC migration improvements, and better performance and integration of Apple Boot Camp virtual machines. The Fusion 3.1 beta can also be downloaded from the VMware Communities website.

Blue Coat WAN optimization runs as VMware virtual appliance
Capitalizing on a growing number of organizations that deploy virtualized servers in remote and branch offices, wide area network (WAN) optimization vendor Blue Coat Systems Inc. announced a version of its ProxySG. product that runs as a guest on a VMware server. Other WAN optimization vendors rely on dedicated WAN optimization servers that come with a virtualized partition on which to load virtual guests, Blue Coat said.

The ProxySG Virtual Appliance features the same capabilities as Blue Coat's hardware-based appliance -- namely acceleration for enterprise applications such as file access, email, backup, Web-based applications and video. Four ProxySG Virtual Appliance models, the VA-5, VA-10, VA-15 and VA-20, support up to 10, 50, 125 and 300 concurrent users, respectively. Subscription pricing starts at $1,100 per year for the VA-5.

Xangati sheds light on virtualized network traffic
Network management vendor Xangati released two new products last week: Xangati for ESX and the Xangati Management Dashboard. Delivered as virtual appliances, Xangati monitors any element with an IP address, giving administrators "video like" visibility into communications traveling between pieces of their virtual and physical infrastructure, the company said. Administrators can also record communications over time and, for troubleshooting purposes, replay them later.

Xangati for ESX provides visibility for communications traveling inside an ESX host, including across a virtual switch. It can manage up to 50 objects – anything with an IP address – and costs $299. Xangati Management Dashboard starts at $4,999. The Starter Edition can manage up to 20 ESX hosts and 5,000 objects is $9,999.

CA virtualization management supports Solaris Zones
CA extended its Service Assurance and its Business-Driven Automation virtualization management products to support the Oracle/Sun Solaris Zones virtualization technology. Specific CA products that support Solaris Zones include CA Spectrum Infrastructure Manager, CA eHealth Performance Manager, CA Spectrum Service Assurance and CA Spectrum Automation Manager.

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