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VCloud Director partners strut their stuff: VMworld 2010 news in brief

VMware partners including HyTrust and HP now offer products to support VMware'svCloud Service Director; and other news in brief.

Positioned alongside VMware's vCloud Service Director news today are offerings from partners designed to flesh out advanced features for the new cloud platform.

Here is a sampling of these announcements:

  • HyTrust is shipping a new product called HyTrust Cloud Control, which provides security policy enforcement in vCloud Service Director environments. The product will also support advanced security architectures, such as federated identity management and multifactor authentication.
  • Zenoss is offering independent monitoring and service assurance software that can perform dependency visualization, configuration tracking, performance monitoring, and fault management for public and private cloud infrastructures based on VMware's Cloud Service Director.
  • HP is demonstrating and touting its CloudStart data center infrastructure stack, which has been integrated and certified with vCloud Director. The VMware, Cisco and EMC joint venture Acadia will also support vCloud Service Director with its vBlock bundle.

Cisco enhances Nexus 1000v with virtual firewall
Cisco Systems Inc. has announced the Virtual Security Gateway, a virtual firewall product that integrates with Cisco's Nexus 1000v virtual switch. With it, network administrators can set and apply security policies on individual virtual machines, protecting them from unauthorized access. Delivered as a virtual appliance, the Virtual Security Gateway plugs seamlessly into the Nexus 1000v, leveraging its interface and offload capabilities. Cisco will announce a beta of the product at VMworld 2010, with general availability slated for the coming months.

Symantec and McAfee to update virtualization security
Symantec Corp. has announced plans to integrate endpoint security offerings including antivirus with VMware's vShield Endpoint application programming interface (API). According to a VMware preview, Symantec uses the vShield Endpoint API to create a VMware Consolidated Backup-like proxy virtual appliance that centralizes antivirus services, including on-access and on-demand file scanning, away from production clusters. VMware says McAfee is also preparing to integrate its antivirus software with vShield Endpoint.

Trend Micro launches cloud encryption appliance
Trend Micro has already integrated with the vShield Endpoint API in version 7.5 of its Deep Security software, which will be on display at VMworld. Trend is also previewing a new encryption appliance that allows enterprise users to control encryption keys locally for files sent to service provider data centers. The company expects both products to ship in the fourth quarter.

Aspera touts file transfer acceleration, now certified with VMware
Aspera's custom faspex protocol, which the company claims can speed file transfers to gigabits per second (Gbps) of throughput, has been blessed for use in VMware environments with Aspera's faspex Server 2.0. Faspex Server is an alternative to traditional FTP servers, with collaboration features such as version and change tracking; as of today it has been officially certified for use in vSphere environments.

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