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VMware to release vCenter Operations for operations management

At Partner Exchange 2011, VMware previews a new product, vCenter Operations, for performance monitoring and capacity management.

ORLANDO, Fla. -- VMware is getting into the operations management game.

The Palo Alto, Calif-based company plans to release vCenter Operations, which will monitor and manage capacity and performance in virtual and physical environments.

“VCenter Operations is about taking alerts and events from everything,” said Chief Technology Officer Stephen Herrod during a Wednesday morning preview of the offering at VMware Partner Exchange 2011.

VCenter Operations uses technology VMware acquired from Integrien last summer, as well as from the Ionix products VMware purchased from EMC Corp. earlier in the year. It will ensure that virtual machines (VMs) and their applications meet their service levels, prevent bottlenecks and ensure high performance, said Raghu Raghuram, a VMware senior vice president and general manager.

These capabilities will be keys to successfully delivering cloud services, both for IT managers (in private clouds) and service providers (in public clouds), Raghuram said.

Reactions to VMware vCenter Operations
An executive with a large VMware partner in the Washington, D.C., area said vCenter Operations could help make private cloud management less complicated for his customers.

“It simplifies the VM environments and points you to the issues,” he said.

And an engineer for a Denver-area VMware partner pointed out another use case: for operations staff in traditional virtual environments that have -- but don’t need -- full access to vCenter Server.

“It’s an intuitive, one-stop view of your environment,” this partner said.

But other attendees said VMware already has too many management products, and vCenter Operations will muddy those waters only further.

VMware vCenter Operations roadmap
Herrod gave a brief vCenter Operations demo during the Partner Exchange keynote. The application offered a color-coded view -- red, yellow and green -- of the VMs, hosts and clusters in an infrastructure. Herrod explained that vCenter Operations compares actual performance and capacity data with expected data, then flags any anomalies and identifies potential problems. In the demo, vCenter Operations warned of overloaded network traffic and eyed a specific network interface card as the culprit.

“I think it’s going to be an easy sell,” the Denver-area partner said.

VMware has not officially announced vCenter Operations. Raghuram said word will come in the next few weeks, and Herrod said the product will come out “relatively soon.”

Senior News Director Barbara Darrow contributed to this report.

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