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Virtualization at a “freemium” and other potent quotables

Veeam has new “freemium” software, VMware patched a hole in its vFabric, and Oracle Cloud doesn’t play well with others. Read what people said about this week in virtualization.

Too wrapped up in NBA playoffs to pay attention to the world of virtualization? Don’t worry – we’ve got your back. While VMware and Oracle tried to establish themselves more permanently in the cloud market, Veeam delivered cheap versions of its backup software, and experts mused about the possibility of one stop virtualization shopping. But don’t take our word for it. Check out these quotes from around the industry.

"The previous version [of the suite] was lacking some core capabilities, most notably a database, that any developer would need."
Dante Orsini, vice president of business development for iLand Internet Solutions

A database does seem to be rather a critical component for a developer to have, and VMware vFabric Suite 5.1 finally offers one. The new release also offers the vFabric Application Director management tool. Many are citing this as a key step for VMware asserting itself in the cloud industry, but the release also continues a trend we’ve seen in recent weeks of the vendor addressing user complaints and product shortcomings.

“Oracle Cloud does not support any other vendor’s OS platforms, middleware, databases or applications.”
Larry Ellison, CEO, Oracle Corp.

There goes Larry, reiterating Oracle’s “my way or the highway” policy. Aside from reiterating much of what was said at last fall’s OpenWorld conference in San Francisco, Oracle released very few details about its public cloud offering, Oracle Cloud. It will include more than 100 applications, as well as database, Java and social networking products, but it’s unclear what will be available when – stay tuned!

“Veeam isn’t alone in offering a “freemium” model for its VM backup software.”
Beth Pariseau, Senior News Writer

Just when you thought a ballpoint pen from the bank was the only thing you could get for free anymore, several companies have begun to release free versions of their software. Veeam just joined the likes of Altaro, PHD Virtual, Arkeia, Trilead and even VMware by offering a free set of tools to assist Hyper-V and VMware admins with backing up, copying and transporting virtual machines. This is sure to come as welcome news to IT pros struggling with tight budgets.

“Of course the vendors want to provide that one stop shop for the users, ideally with a single product and a single license (which will never happen—not their fault though). But as end customers, we're stuck asking ourselves whether we want this from one company?”
Brian Madden, Independent industry analyst and blogger

There’s a one-stop-shopping philosophy invading every industry these days. Companies looking to best the competition continue to add services and products to their arsenal, and the world of virtualization is no different. VMware and Citrix have both been buying into various markets, hoping to eventually offer customers a “complete solution” for virtualization. While one-stop-shopping is certainly convenient, users will have to look carefully at product quality, licensing and core competency to judge whether the convenient option is truly the best one.

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