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VSphere incompatible with View and other virtualization complaints

Twitter seems to be the IT admin’s venue of choice to vent virtualization frustrations about everything from vSphere and VMware View to Windows VMs.

Twitter provides a convenient platform for IT admins to whine about vocalize issues they experience with a vendor or a product in their virtual data center, and they’re certainly not shy about it. Whether it’s a compatibility issue between VMware vSphere 5.1 and View, or a dig at Microsoft, VMware or both, the virtualization community has been making its complaints heard.

Fortunately, complaints on Twitter don’t necessarily go unnoticed. The posts allow users to connect and commiserate about similar problems, and to offer each other advice. Some tweets even attract the attention of the vendors themselves, which could initiate a product change to resolve the problem. At the very least, if you needed any proof you’re not the only admin experiencing an issue, Twitter is the place to go. There are even a few comic-relief Twitter accounts, such as @SadITGuy, devoted to “Things That Make Your IT Guy Sad,” that poke fun at today’s IT departments.

Check out some of IT’s grievances and other snide remarks.

@zhodd: So - you think VMware would have thought through the whole View 5.1 being compatible with vSphere 5.1 thing - just silly

Virtualization-giant VMware issued a statement Wednesday alerting users that they might want to wait to upgrade to vSphere 5.1 if they run any version of VMware View, as the two are not compatible. Understandably, VMware pros are a bit miffed at this lack of oversight.

@stufox: If you repeat a lie enough times people will think it's true - case in point: the belief that Hyper-V uses a general purpose OS scheduler

Another jab at VMware – this time for its claims that Microsoft’s Hyper-V costs more than vSphere. Perhaps both vendors’ marketing departments should spend a little less time mud-slinging, and a little more time paying attention to user gripes. They might then have a better idea what IT admins want out of a new hypervisor.

@JaredBlack: Hard not to be a #VMware snob when the most impressive thing in a Hyper-V class is supposed to be live storage migration #beentheredonethat

Are you sick of the Hyper-V v. vSphere debate yet? Both vendors are constantly scrambling to keep up with each other, and add more features to their latest virtualization platform. The addition of shared-nothing live migration to Hyper-V 3.0 has not impressed this self-described VMware snob, despite the fact that VMware announced vSphere 5.1 will also include the feature.

@kramerallen:Installing a Windows virtual machine on your computer is almost worth the $250 just to remind you why you spent the extra money on a mac

Here’s another jaded user taking a jab at Microsoft, and stirring up another debate we all wish would die – PC v. Mac.

@Bill_Weaver: Citrix did a survey and found 35 percent of people thought that cloud computing didn't work as well when it was raining

Speaking of marketing departments, Citrix might want to cite this (hopefully fake) survey and expend a little more energy ensuring its customers understand cloud computing.

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