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VMware's Scott Davis vMotions to a virtualization storage startup

In this Q&A, VMware's former EUC CTO Scott Davis says why he left the virtualization giant for a CTO position with a virtualization storage startup.

Scott Davis' reign as CTO of VMware's end user computing group ended in January following a management upheaval, and now more change has come with a return to his former title, at a company on the opposite coast.  

Davis had remained with VMware as a strategic advisor but left the virtualization giant this week for Infinio Systems, Inc., a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based storage acceleration startup that launched its first beta last year. The company's Infinio Accelerator, recognized as a finalist for best new technology at VMworld 2013, is a virtual appliance that uses server memory to reduce I/O traffic burdens on central storage, and prevent storage bottlenecks that plague VMware virtualized data centers.

In this Q&A with SearchServerVirtualization, Davis answers questions about the recent executive shakeup at VMware, his new found home with a budding company, and how he plans to deliver virtualized IT shops from their network attached storage bottleneck problems.

You spent the better part of a decade at VMware, working in recent years to grow its end user computing division (EUC). This year the company actually impressed people with Horizon 6, and the AirWatch acquisition. Why leave at a time when VMware EUC has hit its stride?

Davis: I spent the past four years as CTO of end user computing, and when I joined it was … in the $20-30 million range. Over my tenure, with innovations and strategies, we grew it tenfold. I had started thinking of what to do next, and when they brought in the new management team, a new GM, it was a good time for me to do something else. …

Scott Davis Scott Davis

I've been involved with a mix of startups and I was the founder of Virtual Iron -- which became the basis of Oracle VM. So I was looking for something new and interesting, and was intrigued with startups again. There is a lot of innovation going on.

I could have founded something new, but I wanted to join somebody that had a disruptive technology, a version 1 product in the jumpstart phase, and found Infinio. I'm intrigued by what they have, and that's why I've made this change.

The sudden move out of the CTO role at VMware came as a surprise to a lot of people, and some speculated that you were pushed out due to personality conflicts with Sanjay Poonen. What's the real deal with Kit Colbert taking over as VMware's EUC CTO?

Davis: Sanjay came in as the new GM -- he was actually the fifth GM during my tenure as EUC CTO -- and we talked things over. We get along fine, no personality conflict. When I stepped down as CTO, I continued to do special projects for Sanjay -- I drove the Google relationship around DaaS, which we had worked on for years.

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