Ten must-have tools for every virtualization admin


Analyzing VDI deployments with Liquidware Labs Stratusphere

Source:  David Davis

Desktop virtualization offers more flexibility than a traditional client/server setup, but virtualization admins still struggle with issues such as diagnosing traffic bottlenecks, migrating desktop images and managing Windows user profiles. Liquidware Labs Stratusphere enables an administrator to easily identify virtualized system bottlenecks with end-to-end tracking. Stratusphere goes beyond CPU and memory metrics to help administrators determine the best systems to virtualize, and is compatible with VMware View, XenDesktop, Hyper-V and even Virtual Iron Software. Liquidware has also won numerous awards -- even directly from VMware -- for ProfileUnity, which manages various aspects of the user environment, including User profiles, security, applications and more. ProfileUnity can also be used for desktop migrations from one version of Windows to another, and from physical to virtual desktops.

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