Top 10 VMworld sessions to attend in 2014


A networking certification might be the next career boost

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NET1214 - NSX Certification - the Next Step in Your Networking Career

While VMware doesn't yet have a networking certification, they're working on one. The company's certification website says VMware Certified Professional and VMware Certification Design Expert certifications in a networking track are "coming soon." I'm interested in how VMware will structure this new certification. Will it develop a certification that challenges and appeals to networking professionals? Or will this certification track be aimed at server virtualization administrators looking to dabble in software-defined networking to broaden their horizons? This distinction will be critically important to whether VMware can compete with Cisco for the hearts and minds of networking professionals – who will ultimately decide whether NSX deserves a place in their data center.

Session time: Monday, Aug 25, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

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