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Top 10 virtualization startups you'll hear about in 2015


New startups looking to break into the virtualization scene

Source:  Thinkstock

With the pace of change in the IT industry, it seems as if you can be left behind overnight. New features and updates from established vendors are enough to keep IT pros on their toes. But the truth is that some of the most innovative ideas and technologies originate from startups.

Many times these virtualization startups are the brain children of forward-thinking executives looking to make their mark (and a buck). Others spin up when engineers from established companies venture out on their own with a unique idea to fill a market niche.

Here are our picks for the top 10 virtualization startups you should be watching in 2015. Some of these startups challenge established vendors, while others are defining a new technology. The trouble is, it's tough to make it as a newcomer. These companies may have a profitable future as household names, but others could fade to irrelevance. And of course, there's always the possibility of being gobbled up by a bigger fish in this competitive market.

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