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Top 10 virtualization startups you'll hear about in 2015


Stratoscale pitches build-your-own hyperconverged stack

Source:  Stratoscale

Stratoscale is somewhat of the wildcard in this list. They're looking to take on some big names, but also have some high-profile backers. Based on OpenStack, the company's platform aims to turn an entire rack of x86 servers into a build-your-own hyperconverged infrastructure that you can manage from a single interface. Recently out of stealth mode, Stratoscale has prominent investors including Intel, Cisco and SanDisk Corp. However, the question remains whether the company will be able to grow in this competitive space or if it could be an acquisition target for a larger vendor looking to develop a converged infrastructure product strategy.

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What do you think is the next step in the evolution of the hyperconverged infrastructure market?
I think companies offering hyperconverged infrastructure will focus on improving the component pieces to create a more effective product. See, plenty of businesses are willing to accept a less-efficient version of each component if they work well together - but as increasing demands are made of hyperconverged systems, I think the suppliers will have to find ways to improve those components if they don't want to be knocked out of the game by a forward-thinking startup.