Debating VMware security: Cloud, vShield and more

The long-term VMware security vision includes self-securing apps for cloud computing and an expanded vShield role. Two experts debate the merits of these VMware security plans.

Attendees at the recent New England VMware User Group meeting got a preview of future VMware security plans.

Self-securing apps are the cornerstone of the VMware security vision. The idea is to bake security into applications themselves, so they’ll always be protected as they move throughout private and public cloud computing infrastructures. With this approach, VMware is trying to address concerns about cloud computing security.

The VMware vShield line of security products will be the keys to making this vision a reality. The line now features three VMware security products: vShield Edge, vShield App and vShield Endpoint.

In this edition of This Week in Virtualization, VMware security experts Eric Siebert and Edward Haletky debate the merits (and practicality) of the company’s vision. There’s also news about a VMware vCenter plug-in for Dell servers and more.

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Debating VMware security: Cloud, vShield and more

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