EMC conference recap: EMC World 2010

EMC World 2010 featured lots of virtualization news from EMC. This EMC conference recap has all the details on EMC's virtualization networking and storage strategies.

EMC World 2010, the big annual EMC conference, took place in Boston this week.

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This Week in Virtualization

The theme of this year's EMC conference was "Journey to the Private Cloud," and the event featured several virtualization-related announcements.

On the opening day of EMC World 2010, the company announced that it will start reselling 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches from Cisco Systems, one of its strongest partners, and from Brocade, which is Cisco's challenger in the networking market. That news raised a lot of questions among EMC conference attendees, but the company said its strategy is to offer customers lots of choices.

On the second day of the EMC conference, EMC and VMware made two storage-related announcements. Both had to do with EMC's CLARiiON and Celerra storage lines and their integration with VMware vCenter server for better storage management.

Get all the news from EMC World 2010 in this episode of This Week in Virtualization. In addition to the EMC conference recap, there is also news on Microsoft's new, restrictive virtualization licensing for SQL Server 2008 R2.


This Week in Virtualization

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EMC conference recap: EMC World 2010
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