Intel, AMD multicore chips pose VMware licensing challenges

New Intel and AMD multicore chips could force users into expensive VMware licensing upgrades. We discuss the pros and cons of these multicore chips.

New multicore chips from AMD and Intel target the virtualization market, but they also raise some serious VMware licensing issues.

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This Week in Virtualization

The Intel and AMD multicore chips were both announced this week. AMD unveiled its new eight- and 12-core Opteron x86 chips, and Intel followed with its eight-core Nehalem-EX chips. With their impressive processing power, these Intel and AMD multicore chips are designed for virtualization and other memory-intensive applications, according to

But these multicore chips could force users to make costly upgrades to their VMware licensing. The Standard and Enterprise editions of VMware vSphere only support chips with up to six cores. To support these new chips, users must upgrade to vSphere Advanced or Enterprise Plus. And these new VMware licensing options could cost up to $3,500 more per processor.

In this edition of This Week in Virtualization, news writer Mark Fontecchio checks in to discuss these new Intel and AMD multicore chips and their affect on VMware licensing. There's also news on new VMware password management tools and beta releases from Microsoft and Red Hat.


This Week in Virtualization

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Intel, AMD multicore chips pose VMware licensing challenges
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This was last published in April 2010

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