New VMware vCenter updates: What they mean to you

VMware vCenter Orchestrator has new plug-ins, and vCenter Converter 5.0 is out in beta. These new tools give admins more VMware management options.

Two new VMware vCenter updates have caught users’ attention: the vCenter Converter 5.0 beta and plug-ins for vCenter Orchestrator.

The VMware vCenter Orchestrator plug-ins will help admins integrate the tool with third-party or homegrown applications. Orchestrator automates vSphere tasks and provides part of vCloud Director’s functionality, so the ability to work with outside solutions is very important, users said.

On this episode of This Week in Virtualization, system engineer Brian Knudtson discusses these VMware vCenter updates and other features he’d like to see added to vCenter. In addition, Microsoft Hyper-V user Rob McShinsky calls in to talk about Hyper-V 3.0, which will be included in Windows 8, according to a leaked operating system build.

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New VMware vCenter updates: What they mean to you

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