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VMUG helps bring back VMware evaluation subscriptions

Users have been clamoring for a VMware evaluation subscription for years, but their calls had gone unanswered -- until now.

Users have spoken, and after nearly four years, VMware is finally listening, partnering with VMUG to bring back a software evaluation subscription service similar to the defunct VMware Technology Network. The new VMware evaluation program, called the EVALExperience, will be included with a $200 per year VMUG Advantage subscription and will give users yearlong access to evaluation versions of many popular VMware products. Unlike the 60-day trial period already available for many products, the VMware evaluation subscription will be renewable at the end of each year, allowing users to experiment and learn in a home lab setting.

In this edition of the This Week in Virtualization podcast, we talk with VMUG board of directors member Brian Kirsch about the new VMware evaluation subscription to find out how the new program will work and when it will be available. But first, we cover some of the trends we've seen in the market over the past year and talk about what we see coming for 2015. We discuss whether the software-defined networking battle is coming to a head, whether EMC might spin off VMware, and if we'll continue to see a heavy interest in hyper-converged infrastructure.

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