VMware, Citrix, Microsoft earnings: Mixed bag for server virtualization market

The recent VMware, Citrix Systems and Microsoft earnings reports show some bright spots but also a lot of uncertainty in the server virtualization market.

VMware, Citrix Systems and Microsoft have all announced their earnings results for the second quarter of 2009.

The Microsoft earnings were the most troubling, as the company's profits fell by $1 billion, or 29%. Hyper-V R2, along with Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7, now share the burden of turning Microsoft's fortunes around.

The VMware earnings showed an even bigger drop in profits -- 38% -- but the company gave a positive outlook for the third quarter, saying it may beat analysts' expectations. And Citrix actually saw profits increase by 23%.

Hear what the VMware, Citrix and Microsoft earnings mean for the server virtualization market in this edition of This Week in Virtualization, and learn about the new Server Virtualization Advisory Board as well.

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VMware, Citrix, Microsoft earnings: Mixed bag for server virtualization market
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