VMware ESXi takes center stage in vSphere 4.1

For VMware, ESXi is the hypervisor of the future, starting with vSphere 4.1. Migrating from ESX to ESXi isn't the easiest, but it will be worth it in the long run, two experts say.

VMware vSphere 4.1 is the last version to offer any new features for the ESX hypervisor. For VMware, ESXi will be the primary hypervisor going forward.

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This Week in Virtualization
Some users are hesitant to move from ESX to ESXi because ESXi does not use the popular Linux-based management console found in ESX. But VMware says ESXi is more efficient, flexible and secure than ESX.

In this edition of This Week in Virtualization, IT architect Rick Vanover and network engineer Kendrick Coleman discuss their own experiences with VMware ESXi. They say there's no easy way to migrate from ESX to ESXi, but the move to ESXi will be worth it for VMware and its customers.

In addition to the VMware ESXi discussion, this podcast also covers the surprising news that Dell and Hewlett-Packard will resell Oracle VM.Oracle, thanks to its Sun Microsystems acquisition, is a major hardware rival of both Dell and HP, and this news is just the latest example of the complicated vendor relationships that permeate the server virtualization market.

There is also news from our sister site, SearchDataBackup.com, about a new virtual machine backup product, Pancetera Unite.

This Week in Virtualization

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VMware ESXi takes center stage in vSphere 4.1
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