VMware/Salesforce cloud news on the horizon

The upcoming VMware and Salesforce cloud news has everybody talking. What could the companies announce, and what will it mean for the virtualization and cloud computing markets?

The super-secret VMware and Salesforce.com cloud news, due later this month, is generating quite the buzz.

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This Week in Virtualization
The VMware and Salesforce cloud news will arrive via VMforce.com, a site the two companies launched April 12. They have promised that the VMware and Salesforce cloud news will "change the future of cloud computing."

VMware and Salesforce.com are both heavily invested in the cloud computing market, although from very different angles. VMware wants to be the go-to vendor for building the virtual data center infrastructure that runs public and private clouds. Salesforce.com, meanwhile, is a leader in the Software as a Service market and has its own cloud development platform, Force.com.

In this edition of This Week in Virtualization, expert Rick Vanover calls in to talk about the potential of the VMware and Salesforce cloud news. He discusses the different possibilities, including hosted virtual desktops, hosted email and an Infrastructure as a Service offering.

SearchServerVirtualization.com and our sister site SearchCloudComputing.com will have full coverage of the VMware and Salesforce cloud news.

This Week in Virtualization

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VMware/Salesforce cloud news on the horizon
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