VMware cloud focus after Zimbra acquisition

The VMware-Zimbra acquisition raised some eyebrows, but the two companies have a strategy for using Zimbra's email and collaboration software to further the VMware cloud push.

The VMware cloud push will get a boost from this month's VMware-Zimbra acquisition, the two companies said.

VMware earlier this month acquired Zimbra, a hosted email and collaboration software vendor owned by Yahoo. The deal came after a week of VMware-Zimbra acquisition rumors, which left many VMware customers and analysts scratching their heads. They couldn't understand why VMware, the virtualization infrastructure leader, would want to get into the enterprise software market.

In this episode of This Week in Virtualization, find out how the Zimbra acquisition fits into the long-term VMware cloud plans, as VMware expands from virtualization into middleware and software.

The VMware cloud push isn't the only big news in the virtualization market. This podcast also covers the new partnership between Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard, which will bring better integration of Microsoft virtualization software and HP hardware.

This Week in Virtualization

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VMware cloud focus after Zimbra acquisition
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