VMware discount program offers volume deals

VMware says its new Volume Purchasing Program is like a frequent flier program for virtualization. The VMware discount program offers customers between 4% and 12% off.

There's a new VMware discount program, called the Volume Purchasing Program (VPP).

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This Week in Virtualization
Under the VMware discount program, customers get points for making purchases, and the more points they accrue, the larger the discount. It kicks in with a 4% VMware discount once a customer earns 250 points (total spending of $25,000), and it goes as high as 12% for customers that earn 1,750 points (total spending of $175,000).

Users said the VMware discount program will mostly benefit small and medium-sized businesses, because larger organizations can often negotiate better deals on their own. Find out more about the VMware discount program and several other moves by the server virtualization market leader in this edition of This Week in Virtualization.

Users got a preview recently of three new VMware security features, vShield Edge, vShield App and near-agentless antivirus. The company also had its quarterly earnings call, where it announced that its vSphere Essentials revenue had doubled.

This podcast also has news on Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1, and what users like -- and don't like -- about the upcoming Hyper-V release.

This Week in Virtualization

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VMware discount program offers volume deals
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