Virtual Oracle WebLogic needs no OS

A new Oracle WebLogic release runs in a Java VM without an OS. Get all the news on this virtual Oracle WebLogic technology in this episode of This Week in Virtualization.

The new virtual Oracle WebLogic release uses some interesting technology: It runs in a Java virtual machine, directly on the hypervisor, with no operating system required.

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This Week in Virtualization
The Oracle WebLogic Suite Virtualization Option runs on JRockit Virtual Edition technology, which handles TCP/IP, hardware controls and other traditional OS functions in a Java VM.

Oracle -- and some admins who have used the technology -- say the lack of an OS improves performance and reduces management headaches. But there are still issues with this virtual Oracle WebLogic release, namely around Oracle's restrictive licensing policies.

Get all the pros and cons of the new virtual Oracle WebLogic release in this edition of This Week in Virtualization. This episode also features news on new VMware certifications and next week's big VMforce announcement from VMware and

This Week in Virtualization

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Virtual Oracle WebLogic needs no OS
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