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Are you up-to-date on your virtualization news? Take this quiz derived from recent news blasts, and be the IT pro in the know. After you're done, email us to tell us how you did and we'll enter you in a drawing for a brand new webcam!

Hannah Drake, Assistant Site Editor

Are you up-to-date on your virtualization news? Take this quiz derived from recent news blasts, and be the IT pro in the know.

Validating your virtualization smarts is rewarding, but we're sweetening the pot with a prize. On September 29th, 2006, we'll draw a winner from the names of people who answer. The prize is a new webcam.

When you're done with the quiz, send us an email to tell us how many you got right and your thoughts on the quiz and our site, and we'll enter you for the drawing as a thanks to our readers.

1. This company reported that Microsoft's upcoming Windows Server Virtualization and Xen hypervisors have a similar architecture. What company was it?

2. Don Becker, co-founder of the Beowulf project, recently compared virtualization to an alternative approach to the same problems. What is it?

3. A recent study by TheInfoPro(TIP) Inc. demonstrated that this type of hardware is gaining respect among IT professionals alongside virtualization in the data center. What was it?

4. This major virtualization player is slated to release a product for Mac users. What is it?

5. International Truck and Engine Corp. based in Illinois saved several million dollars by virtualizing their servers. How much did they save for each virtual machine running?
a. $3,500
b. $5,500
c. $7,500

6. Who is the director of data products for VMware?

7. The Computing Technology Industry Association recently polled 1,000 high tech workers. What percentage of survey respondents said they were currently job-hunting?
a. 28%
b. 58%
c. 78%

8. This Ohio-based independent IT consultant and subcontractor recently started promoting virtualization as a disaster recovery tool. What is it?

9. In one of our columns, expert Andrew Kutz explains how to install Subversion for VMware ESX. How many steps does it take?

10. This virtualization program is the best for a heterogeneous environment according to author Wade Reynolds. What is it?

Time to cash-in! Send me an email to tell me how many you answered correctly for your chance at the webcam:

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