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Test your advanced server virtualization knowledge

Find out how much you know about advanced server virtualization by taking this short quiz.

Advanced server virtualization involves a lot of moving parts: storage, networking and security, just to name a few.

Our interactive classroom on advanced server virtualization covered those topics, as well as virtual data center automation and the challenges of running an advanced virtual infrastructure. Now it's time to see how well you were paying attention!

Take this brief quiz to test your knowledge of advanced server virtualization.

Advanced virtualization quiz

1. The entire science of server virtualization is based on which of the following concepts?

2. True or false? Servers don't need disk resources once they're virtualized.

3. What is the biggest drawback of using direct-attached storage for virtualization?

4. Which of the following is not part of the ideal networking setup for virtualization?

5. One of the benefits of virtualization is the ability to quickly provision virtual machines (VMs). What problem can this create?

6. What file format does VMware use for its virtual machines?

7. Which of these products and features addresses virtualization storage challenges?

8. True or false? You should handle the security of your physical infrastructure separate from your advanced virtual infrastructure.

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