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VMware quiz: Do you know vMotion requirements for network, storage?

VMware vMotion enables live migration of virtual machines between ESXi hosts. Test yourself on vMotion's network requirements, storage rules and more.

Mastering VMware vMotion takes knowledge of vMotion requirements, like maximum allowable network latency and host resource allocation. Test yourself on VMware vMotion's requirements and setup with this quiz.

VMware vMotion live migrates virtual machines (VMs) between ESX/ESXi hosts without downtime -- a key tenet of virtualization. With vSphere 5.1, vMotion and Storage vMotion evolved significantly. Buff up on vMotion and you can successfully power down hosts for maintenance, balance resources across hosts and improve disaster recovery.

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This is best way to learn technology by quiz, Pls try to keep quiz updated daily so the people can walk through this site daily.. :)