Server virtualization technology: 2009 in review

Catch up on all the server virtualization technology news from 2009 and find out what 2010 has in store with our year-end recap.

Server virtualization technology had a coming-out party in 2009, as more organizations realized its cost and management benefits.

Major new releases from VMware, Microsoft and Citrix Systems also helped server virtualization technology attract new levels of attention in 2009. VMware vSphere 4 introduced new features for advanced virtualization administrators, while Microsoft Hyper-V R2 -- and, to a lesser extent, Citrix XenServer 5.5 -- emerged as a legitimate challenger to VMware.

Check out our full year-end coverage to recap the emergence of server virtualization technology in 2009 and find out what's in store for 2010.

Top 10 virtualization news stories of 2009
There was no shortage of virtualization news in 2009. VMware vSphere 4, Microsoft Hyper-V R2 and Citrix XenServer 5.5 changed the landscape of the market. Cisco Systems and Oracle took steps to become bigger players in the market. And licensing challenges posed some trouble for admins. Find out which stories made the biggest headlines this past year.

Hyper-V R2 shakes up the market
Microsoft server virtualization hit the big time in 2009 with Hyper-V R2, the biggest threat yet to VMware's market dominance. In this podcast, Site Editor Colin Steele and News Director Alex Barrett discuss Hyper-V R2's effect on the market and more of the year's top stories. Microsoft's David Greschler also talks about Microsoft's plans for server virtualization technology in 2010, which will focus on management

VMware price cuts coming in 2010?
News Director Alex Barrett has some bold 2010 virtualization predictions. Looking into her crystal ball, she predicts that VMware will cut its prices in response to increased competition from Microsoft and third-party management vendors. She also foresees the end of XenServer, predicting that Citrix sill give up on the hypervisor and make it completely open source in the new year. Find out the reasoning behind her prognostications.

Top 10 VMware predictions for 2010
Virtualization consultant Jason Langone came up with this list of 10 VMware predictions for 2010. He tackles the future of VMware licensing, hardware and desktop virtualization, with a specific focus on the cloud computing market. Learn what next year has in store for VMware, Microsoft and Amazon in the cloud market.

Disaster recovery a 2010 priority
Our e-publications staff members also made some 2010 predictions for server virtualization technology. They expect virtual disaster recovery to be a top priority in the coming year, because as organizations consolidate more applications on fewer physical servers, the effects of a hardware failure are magnified. Find out what they say the future holds for server consolidation, test and development, storage and security as well.

Server virtualization technology trends for 2010
Get a preview of the server virtualization technology trends that will dominate next year in this article by Stephen J. Bigelow, Senior Technology Writer. Backup, management and networking will take up lots of administrators' time in 2010. IT staffing will also be a major issue, as the economy continues to be a concern and businesses expect their IT departments to deliver more bang for the buck.

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