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VMware vs. Microsoft vs. Xen: An expert face-off

Three experts weigh in on the merits and drawbacks of virtualization technologies Hyper-V, VMware and Citrix.

In our face-off on virtualization technologies, experts Anil Desai, David Davis and Andrew Kutz weigh in on the merits and drawbacks of three leading virtualization platforms: Microsoft's Hyper-V, VMware and Citrix Systems' Xen.

Making the case for Hyper-V's superiority

Microsoft's Hyper-V will enter the virtualization ring as a relative underdog. But Hyper-V's price and better hardware compatibility poise it to compete with VMware and Xen.
By Anil Desai

Hyper-V no match for VMware ESX performance, features

Hyper-V may have certain advantages over VMware in terms of price, but in terms of management capabilities and functionality, VMware's capabilities far exceed its competition.
By David Davis

Lessening hypervisor importance may benefit Xen

From XenServer and to Sun xVM, Xen-based products have challenged VMware's market share and deemed hypervisor technology less relevant. Lower pricing, better packaging and less emphasis on hypervisors may spell long-term success for Xen.
By Andrew Kutz

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