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Blade servers for virtualization: Enterprise resource guide

Get quick access to the best blade server resources here. Find out if blades are the right choice for you, get clarification on old blade myths and more.

Barb Goldworm, Industry Analyst

 Discover the pros, cons and how-tos of choosing, using and optimizing blade servers for virtualization with this enterprise resource guide.

Barb Goldworm's articles, webcasts and podcasts debunk blade server myths, provide selection and implementation tips, show how blades and virtualization can actually help reduce costs, improve services and more.

Goldworm has more than thirty years of experience in the IT industry. She has held technical, marketing, industry analyst and senior management positions with IBM, Novell, StorageTek and Enterprise Management Associates, and has recently co-authored a book: Blades Servers and Virtualization: Transforming Enterprise Computing While Cutting Costs.

Get availability via Windows clustering, VMware HA and more New!
Want high availability? This tip explains how you can harness virtualization's power and use if for better availability with hardware redundancy, clustering, VMware High Availability (HA) and fault tolerant hardware.

PC blades, virtual clients and zero clients New!
Businesses are expanding their virtualization use from the server to the desktop. This tip outlines the technologies that enable VDI: PC blades, improved graphics, thin clients and the newer zero client.

Blade system architectures - The big guys Webcast New!
Each vendor offering has pros and cons with its architecture. This webcast discusses the different architectures of key systems vendors such as IBM, HP, Dell, Sun and Hitachi and the pros and cons of each.

Blade system architectures - The up and comers Webcast New!
Each vendor offering has pros and cons with its architecture. This webcast discusses the different architectures of the up and comers including Egenera, Panta, Verari and Rackable, and the pros and cons of each.

Server virtualization for SMBs Webcast New!
Server virtualization has small and medium-sized businesses wondering if the big benefits being touted for the enterprise also apply to SMBs. This webcast discusses virtualization drivers and benefits as they apply to SMBs and the overall virtualization market landscape for SMBs, including an overview and history of virtualization, terms and definitions, key vendor offerings, a look into the future of virtualization, and recommendations for moving forward.

Blades and virtualization: Power, cooling myths and tips
Are blade servers so hot that cooling them runs up power bills? Find out what's true and false about blades' reputation for running too hot, and how to keep these systems from having hot flashes.

Blade servers: Pricing, power, cooling and as virtualization hardware
Early product flaws in blade servers generated horror stories that still live today. In this tip, Barb Goldworm addresses whether or not blades are too expensive, if they require too much power and cooling, and the belief that they're not as powerful as rack servers.

Blades and virtualization: SAN requirements, I/O limitations
Do blade servers only boot from a SAN? Does virtualizing on a blade server create an I/O problem? Is it a PC blade or a virtual PC running on a blade server? Find out the answers in this tip.

Server consolidation: Why virtualize with blades?
Although most people think of blades for space savings, the modularity, pre-wiring, sharing of common modules and powerful remote management offer great benefits in cost savings, simplification and reduced management costs. Find out more in this tip.

Blades for server consolidation: Some considerations
Determine if/where/when blades fit best into your consolidation project with this expert advice from industry veteran Barb Goldworm. She goes over space issues, remote locations versus central locations, provisioning, number of servers, application types and vendor choices.

Blade servers: Enterprise considerations - Webcast
Making the move to blades requires thoughtful planning and education. In this webcast, Barb Goldworm discusses the enterprise considerations for assessing, planning for and implementing blades and offers tips for implementing blades and virtualization.

Blades and networking IP, FC and IB - Webcast
In this webcast, consultant Barb Goldworm reviews the networking options and terminology in the blade environment as well as the differences in networking across different blade systems.

Blade server capabilities: Yesterday, today, tomorrow - Webcast
Hear from blade server expert Barb Goldworm as she outlines blade server capabilities and the impact they have in server rooms - past, present and future.

Blades and virtualization - Building blocks for next generation data centers in the enterprise - Webcast As the push for server consolidation grows stronger, IT managers will find that virtualization and blade servers not only address issues related to consolidation, but can also assist with a range of other common problems in the data center: power, cooling and system density. Attend this webcast to hear from industry expert Barb Goldworm on how these technologies are creating next generation data centers by delivering a more flexible and easier to manage server environment.

Blade servers: Next gen data center building blocks - Podcast
In this follow-up podcast Q&A, analyst Barb Goldworm hones in on why new blade server technologies are a great fit for virtualization and overcrowded data centers. She compares blades to other server platforms and explains why blades and virtualization will transform data center computing while cutting costs.


Barb Goldworm is president of Focus Consulting, a research, analyst and consulting firm focused on systems and storage. Goldworm has authored numerous business and technical white papers and articles and has just finished a book, Blades Servers and Virtualization: Transforming Enterprise Computing While Cutting Costs.  Barb can be reached at

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