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Citrix corrupt ICA file

Describes Citrix's corrupt ICA file and how it can be fixed/avoided.

I don’t really “do” Citrix anymore, as I am now kind of a pure VMware guy. But as a nod to my previous existence as a Citrix Certified Instructor, I thought I would talk about this one. Anyway, in the process of building my VDC (on an old release of Citrix MetaFrame) I found the Citrix client version 10 didn’t like my old web-interface. As it tries to download the ICA file to make the connection I got this error:

“Error number 2314
“The ICA Client received a corrupt ICA File. ICA File section WFClient contains duplication keys named (ProxyType)”

Fortunately, the Citrix KB system came up trumps. Apparently, the 10.x client checks for duplicate entries in the ICA file. All I had to do was modify the templates.ica file and remove the duplicates; this makes the new client work (and it seems very fast too!). Quite how those duplicate entries got in my ICA file is another question.

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