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Force an uninstall of Citrix

The official method of decommissioning or dealing with failed Metaframe server is to de-install the product using Add/Remove programs.

The official method of decommissioning or dealing with failed Metaframe servers is to de-install the product using...

Add/Remove programs. However, sometimes the errors can be so serious that you cannot remove the product. When uninstall fails it will tell you to use “CTX_MF_FORCE_SUBSYSTEM_UNINSTALL” to force install. All is not lost, using this syntax with MSIEXEC, you can force the system to uninstall the product using this command:

msiexec /x MFXP001.msi /l*v c:\output.log CTX_MF_FORCE_SUBSYSTEM_UNINSTALL=”Yes”

/x forces the uninstall, and mfxp001.msi is the engine to do this. /l*v enables verbose logging as the de-install occurs hence the reference to the “output.log” file. The CTX_MF_FORCE_SUBSYSTEM_UNINSTALL=”Yes” pipes a command to mfxp001 to say to install even if you have dependency errors.

After this process completes and you reboot you may likely have “orphaned” entries in the data store and therefore a server icon will remain. If this is the case, open the Management Console, right-click the offending server and choose “Remove Server from the Farm”

This was last published in July 2005

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