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How to make the business case for virtualization

This free Info-Tech report highlights false vendor claims and helps IT admins to prove a business's fit for virtualization as well as demonstrate cost savings and cost avoidance. has partnered with Info-Tech to bring you free virtualization-related reports and accompanying podcasts for the IT pro.

The report is available for free, but the podcast requires a short, free sign up.

This month, the editors selected the Info-Tech report Achieving the Business Case in Virtualization for our readers' benefit.

This free Info-Tech report points out potential false vendor claims and helps IT admins prove a business's fit with virtualization and demonstrate cost savings and cost avoidance.

The accompanying podcast, by Impact Research Analysts Matt Brudzynski and Jennifer Colasanti, offers insights to the research presented in the report.

Get more information on the report and podcast here.

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