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Hyper-V is RTM…

As you have probably heard, Microsoft’s long awaited dabbling in virtualization has finally been released.This is an assessment of Hyper-V and its impact

Well, you've probably heard already that Microsoft’s long awaited dabbling in virtualization has finally been released. It’s perhaps a good idea now to give you a couple of links here to give you a pitch on Hyper-V. I’m Chris Wolf on this one - his assessment of Hyper-V and it’s impact is not one I would deviate from by one letter. So lets start with that link:

I very much agree with Chris's assessment – that MS is competing in a space that VMware doesn’t currently occupy to the same degree as they do elsewhere – they are as strong as the best of the rest in a corporate space with the top 100, 500, 1000 fortune companies. Where they are less strong is the SMB market. Perhaps the only qualification to that is the popularity of the VMware Server (nee GSX) product for those people with “white box” servers… 

“What does all this mean for VMware? VMware is now up against the “good enough” factor. Sure, organizations aren’t lining up to run all of their production workloads on Hyper-V, but they are considering it for some use cases: development and test, training, and virtualizing the branch office. These cases often come up due to cost… some of the clients I’ve talked to have indicated cost as the primary motivating factor… Also, many have liked what they’ve seen with the System Center suite of management tools. I’d be surprised if VMware is going to let Microsoft win the cost war, and as painful as it may be, I would be shocked if VMware didn’t drop the price of it’s ESX hypervisor in an attempt to take cost out of the equation… Microsoft’s management suite is now reaching a point where it could take market share from the predominant enterprise management software vendors. To me, this has to be VMware’s play. I don’t see VMware as trying to directly compete with HP, IBM, CA, or BMC, for example. Instead, they have to work to build stronger partnerships. Such an approach would give them leverage in what looks to be a long and drawn out fight with Microsoft for virtualization supremacy”

Chris goes on to compare MS “Quick” Migrate to VMotion. I am strongly against the MS FUD machine on this topic. But here’s some interesting and pretty technical info from Mike Dipetrillo

Mike works for the VMware “Competitve Analysis Team”. He is a technical person whose job is to compare VMware to others and to try to cut through some of the marketing & PR guff that surrounds IT and virtualization generally.

A bit more on the corporate side is VMware’s own, Virtual Reality blog – that attempts to bring home some hard and fast facts about virtualization…

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