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Reducing energy costs with virtualization and automation

Virtualization allows administrators to cut down on the number of servers needed, which helps reduce energy consumption and save money.

In today's IT world, workloads continue to grow while budgets seem to always be shrinking. As administrators are tasked with more and more responsibilities, it's sometimes easy to forget simple ways to save more money. One area in which IT pros can cut costs is in the power department. In fact, there are several ways administrators can save on power and therefore save money.

Here are five tips that can help you cut back on power and save some cash.

Minimize power consumption

Energy prices are on the rise so it's key to reduce power consumption. One often overlooked way of saving power is by shutting down unnecessary hosts. Workloads that aren't vital to production can be shut down to save power. Both VMware and Microsoft offer tools that can help save power and save companies money.

Automation tools can help save power, money

The interest in data center and virtualization automation continues to grow because of the time IT pros are able to save as a result. But that's not all automation can help businesses with. Virtualization automation tools help administrators manage their environments, but also help cut both power consumption and costs.

Consolidation makes virtualization a power saver

Virtualization helps administrators take advantage of space on servers that might previously go unused. Not only does this help with freeing up space, it also reduces power consumption. By consolidating physical servers and dynamically adjusting workflows, virtualization helps reduce power consumption. The fewer the servers, the lower the cost.

Management tools that reduce power usage

With virtualization, one server can do the work it used to take many servers to do. With more workloads on one server, businesses don't have to purchase, deploy and power as many servers as before. Though virtualization can save money in this sense, it's hard to predict just how much in the future because consolidation varies based on workload demands and the overall computing capacity of the server.

Using virtualization software to manage power consumption

Administrators can use popular virtualization management tools, such as Microsoft System Center, to reduce server power consumption and save money. However, software tools have no knowledge of and no real way of determining how your data center and its workloads should behave under every possible condition.

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